About us

Shandong Eternal World New Material Industrial Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with a focus on the production and use of ceramic filter materials for water treatment.

In 1993, Eternal World Company was established as the first manufacturing facility in the sector. For thirty years running, it has been the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of water treatment ceramic filter materials for several top brand sellers both domestically and internationally. In 2020, ETERNAL WORLD, a small and medium-sized scientific and technology company in Shandong Province, relocated to Jinan's Zhongbai New Materials Industrial Park. And it spent two years and 10 million RMB to build a 20,000 square meter fully automated intelligent production factory, independently research and develop an entire set of automated production equipment, set up a Food-Grade Dust-Free workshop, and establish a High-Standard composite new materials laboratory.

Based on Shandong Advanced Materials Joint Research Institute, Eternal World cooperation with Shandong University in Industry-University-Research, and hired a number of industry leading professors as technological instructor to establish the joint research institute of new technologies. It has successfully developed a new LSR intelligent long-acting slow release technology, combined with the original gradient temperature-controlled nano-microporous sintering process, based on the performance of the original functional ceramic filter material, making it more long-lasting and efficient, and avoid powdered impurities. The product quality is greatly improved.

A comprehensive ODM service system for composite functional ceramic filter materials has been developed by ETERNAL WORLD. By relying on ETERNAL WORLD Composite New Materials Laboratory, it collaborates with self-developed intelligent production equipment to carry out modular functional composite addition, which can fully realize the customized development of unique multifunctional composite requirements, from the design and development of customers' functional requirements to the proofing and testing of materials. We will offer all-chain integrated services for customers' ODM needs and solid technical barriers for customers' products, including design and development, proofing and testing, production sampling, testing and certification, data tracking, and the formation of intellectual property system.

The idea of "Health@Water Global Water Treatment Healthy Ecosystem" was first introduced to the market by ETERNAL WORLD. Combining ETERNAL WORLD's exclusive mineral hydrogen production technology, inorganic antibacterial technology, pure water mineralization technology, condensation neutralization technology, etc., ETERNAL WORLD seeks innovation for traditional manufacturers of drinking water products, actively explores the healthy and functional upgrading of drinking water products, provides them with one-stop solutions for product health and functional upgrading, and helps partners to break away from the competition of homogenized products and open up new categories and new tracks.