The 16th Shanghai International Water Exhibition came to a successful conclusion yesterday at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao). As a major event in the global water treatment industry, this exhibition not only brought together cutting-edge technologies and
2024/06/07 14:15
As global attention on water resource quality and water health continues to increase, water treatment technology has become a hot topic for international discussions. Shandong Eternal World New Material Industrial Co., Ltd with its profound research and development background and innovative
2024/05/28 09:03
The alkaline pH water filter rod, also known as the portable alkaline water hydrogen ion generator, is a simple, convenient, and portable device that can turn tap water or bottled water into high pH, antioxidant, small molecule cluster water, and oxygen-containing alkaline drinking water.The
2024/05/23 09:27
As people's demands for quality of life and health continue to rise, thermostatic showerheads have become the first choice for many home renovations. Among many showerhead brands, ETERNAL WORLD calcium sulfite dechlorination balls have attracted attention due to their unique dechlorination function
2024/05/21 09:39
In modern households, humidifiers have become essential small appliances for improving indoor air quality and alleviating the effects of dry climates. However, if not cleaned and maintained properly during the humidification process, the humidifier water tank can easily become a breeding ground for
2024/05/14 10:46
Recently, a group of leaders from Haier Group visited the Shandong ETERNAL WORLD Factory for inspection. Both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on cooperation in the field of water purification, jointly planning to open a new chapter in the development of the water purification industry. 
2024/05/11 11:17
In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle today, more and more families are beginning to pay attention to the potential impact of chlorine content in tap water on their bodies. Especially during bathing, hot water can accelerate the evaporation of chlorine, which may irritate the skin and respiratory
2024/05/06 09:55
The emergence of condensing boilers has significantly enhanced the thermal efficiency of gas boilers and the effective utilization of natural gas. The exhaust temperature of such boilers is typically below 50℃, so the water generated from burning natural gas often exists in liquid form, commonly
2024/04/28 10:13
In response to the bacterial proliferation issue in central air conditioning system condensate trays, Shandong ETERNAL WORLD New Materials Co., Ltd. has introduced an innovative silver ion antibacterial ceramic filter media. This unique filter media technology is effectively applied in the central
2024/04/23 13:14
When treating drinking water, chlorine gas and its compounds (such as hypochlorite and chloramines) are widely used for disinfection, and chlorine gas oxidation is also employed to improve water quality in cases of severe water pollution. Currently, over 80% of water treatment plants globally still
2024/04/22 11:13
Air preheaters, as essential components in industrial systems, often generate acidic wastewater, which not only poses potential harm to the environment but also violates environmental emission standards. The pH value of industrial wastewater discharge, especially for acidic wastewater, must be
2024/04/19 09:51
Zeolite, as a crucial mineral, plays a significant role in both industrial and scientific research fields, mainly categorized into two forms: synthetic zeolite and natural zeolite. Although both are widely used in their respective domains, they exhibit significant differences in characteristics and
2024/04/15 10:34