ETERNAL Calcium Sulfite Spheres represent a cutting-edge solution for chlorine removal in water treatment. Composed primarily of 90% calcium Sulfite, these particles excel in efficiency, safety, high-temperature resistance, and anti-bacterial properties, setting them apart from traditional
2023/12/07 09:37
In a breakthrough for the world of home hygiene, the integration of Silver Ion Antimicrobial Modules in Robotic Vacuum Cleaners is ushering in a new era of household cleanliness. This innovative technology is designed to ensure not only a spotless clean but also a highly hygienic living environment
2023/10/23 13:55
Chlorine in water is used as a disinfectant by many municipal water treatment facilities. Its primary purpose is to kill or inactivate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to humans. In that sense, chlorine plays a crucial role in making drinking
2023/07/26 15:37