Based on Shandong Advanced Materials Joint Research Institute, Eternal World cooperation with Shandong University in Industry-University-Research, and hired a number of industry leading professors as technological instructor to establish the composite research institute of new technologies. It has successfully developed a new LSR intelligent long-acting slow release technology, combined with the original gradient temperature-controlled nano-microporous sintering process, based on the performance of the original functional ceramic filter material, making it more long-lasting and efficient, and avoid powdered impurities. The product quality is greatly improved.

LSR intelligent long-term sustained-release technology

An innovative new line of functional ceramic filter materials uses responsive long-term slow-release technology. The material cavity creates a high-density ultra-micro cellular structure when sintering is combined with it. This increases the internal specific surface area, achieves intelligent controlled relea

Gradient temperature control nanometer micropore sintering process

The initial automatic gradient temperature-controlled continuous sintering process achieves a perfect equilibrium between the apparent porosity and relative density of the material cavity, ensures the high hardness and non-powdering of ceramic materials, and simultaneously achieves Long-term high adsorption and high drainage.

Automatic modular functional composite technology

Ceramic filter media can be produced using Self-developed intelligent equipment that can add modular functions, match different raw materials properly and automatically, and completely realize the development of unique multifunctional composite materials on a customized basis.