Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Balls

• Factory direct, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Granules

• Made of coconut shell and natural material
• Top-grade activated carbon
•Remove heavy metal, odor, organics
•Dark grey color

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Product Details

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Ball is a kind of ceramic ball that we specially develop for foreign clients. 

It is made of natural food-grade coconut shell and ceramic powder. 
Activated Carbon ceramic balls can absorb odor efficiently and remove heavy metals and residual chlorine. It has high hardness, and does not drop powder, and pulverizes.

Main Functions:
• Remove heavy metal ions;
• Remove residual chlorine;
• Remove odor
• Improve the taste of water.

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. Activated carbon at water treatment plants is typically installed to provide removal of natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals.

Eternal Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Ball is made of natural coconut shell and mixed with ceramic powder, sintered in high temperature. It is with good hardness and rich absorption area, can be applied in the water treatment and air treatment industries.

Activated Carbon Ceramic Ball

Activated Carbon Ceramic Ball

•Made of coconut shell and natural material                                                    
•Top grade activated carbon
•Remove heavy metal, odor,organics
•Dark grey color


Activated Carbon Ceramic Balls are widely used in water purifiers, water filters, shower filters, humidifiers, etc.


Development history

Company Environment

company environment

Research and development strength

Based on Shandong Advanced Materials Joint Research Institute, Eternal World cooperation with Shandong University in Industry-University-Research, and hired a number of industry leading professors as a technological instructors to establish the composite research institute of new technologies. It has successfully developed a new LSR intelligent long-acting slow release technology, combined with the original gradient temperature-controlled nano-microporous sintering process, based on the performance of the original functional ceramic filter material, making it more long-lasting and efficient, and avoiding powdered impurities. The product quality is greatly improved.

Patent of invention

Patent of invention

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