ETERNAL WORLD Wholesale 15% High Silver ion Ball Filter Antibacterial Ceramic Balls for Sale

1. Broad-Spectrum antibacterial agents can reach over 99.9% effectiveness.
2. They effectively substitute organic antibacterial agents.
3. Inorganic antibacterial agents have a wide range of applications.
4. The Ultra-Microporous structure efficiently absorbs and filters heavy metal impurities.
5. Gradient-Controlled temperature Nano-Micropore sintering balances hardness and apparent porosity.
6. Silver ion content 15%

The High Silver Antibacterial Balls (15%) is a ceramic material that, upon contact with water, can produce sterilizing and bacteriostatic water. This product utilizes LSR intelligent long-term slow-release technology, combined with the original gradient-controlled temperature nano-microporous sintering process, making it more durable and efficient, with no powdering impurities.


The antibacterial silver ions are uniformly distributed in the ceramic balls in a stable form, solving the problem of discoloration and rapid migration when added to plastics or fibers in the past. It belongs to the inorganic category, thus possessing good heat resistance and chemical stability, capable of killing and removing a wide range of bacteria. It exhibits an antibacterial rate of over 99% against various bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans.

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