ETERNAL WORLD Silver Ions KDF Anti Bacterial Ceramic Balls Watertreatment Antibacterial Ceramic Bio Media Balls

1. Broad-Spectrum antibacterial agents can reach over 99% effectiveness.
2. They effectively substitute organic antibacterial agents.
3. Inorganic antibacterial agents have a wide range of applications.
4. The Ultra-Microporous structure efficiently absorbs and filters heavy metal impurities.
5. Gradient-Controlled temperature Nano-Micropore sintering balances hardness and apparent porosity.


KDF micro-porous antibacterial balls possess antimicrobial and antibacterial effects. They have a golden appearance and are composed of crystal ceramic particles, which are a composite of silver-based antibacterial materials, metal alloys, and inorganic ceramic materials. The production process of this product is complex, involving high-tech techniques such as micro-pore molding and atmosphere protection during firing. From processing to secondary molding and temperature control, strict specifications are enforced.

This water treatment medium is innovative, serving as a substitute for organic bactericides, and it meets environmental protection requirements. It is widely used in products such as water filters, showers, air humidifiers, and vacuum cleaners.

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