Mineral Stones for Drinking Water Treatment

-factory direct Mineral Stones for Drinking Water Treatment

-food grade

-dust free

-boost PH (7~10)

-boost TDS (below 300ppm)

-long last effect

-high hardness

-improve the taste of water

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Product Details


• boost pH to 7.5-9.5, making alkaline water.
• mineralize RO water

• neutralize acid water immediately
• Provides minerals of Ca, Mg, K
• Mineralize your water.
• Durable and reliable performance in making alkaline water.
• improve the taste of water

What is MPH Alkaline Ceramic Ball?

MPH Alkaline Ceramic Ball is made of natural maifan stone powder and pearl powder and other natural mineral materials by submicron technology. It has features of high efficient, durable and very reliable in making alkaline water. There is no need to replace MPH+ Alkaline Ceramic Ball within 1 year.

MPH Alkaline Ceramic Ball has high efficiency and could distribute more than 20 kinds of mineral elements, especially sufficient silicic acid (about 60mg/L).

 Alkaline Stone

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